2016 Festival

Sunday, April 16 • 7:00PM • Visions of Housing Justice: Films and Discussion on Housing issues, presented by Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative




Soul City is a documentary short that tells the story of a group of civil rights activists and city slickers who attempt to build a multiracial utopia in the heart of Klan Country, North Carolina in the 1970s. Their pioneering efforts to jumpstart this black-owned, black-built town run up against tenacious enemies that still face idealists and dreamers today--ingrained racism, public skepticism, and unwillingness on the part of the government to think outside the box to solve social problems. As this group of dreamers try to bring together unlikely allies to support black power and economic development, they are forced to balance their soaring idealism with the hostile reality of the times.

Documentary, Directed by Monica Berra, SheRea DelSol, and Gini Richards. 21 minutes.

* Filmmakers present for post-screening discussion.





Arc of Justice traces the remarkable journey of New Communities, Inc. (NCI) in southwest Georgia, a story of racial justice, community organizing, and perseverance in the face of enormous obstacles. NCI was created in 1969 in Albany, Georgia by leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, including Congressman John Lewis, and Charles and Shirley Sherrod, to help secure economic independence for African American families. For 15 years, NCI cooperatively farmed nearly 6,000 acres, the largest tract of land in the United States owned by African Americans at the time, but racist opposition prevented them from implementing plans to build 500 affordable homes as part of their community land trust.

Documentary, Directed by Helen S. Cohen and Mark Lipman. 22 minutes.





The inspiring, strong family bond of the Davis family whose homes were flooded and who now live all together in one small apartment.

Documentary, Directed by Evan Kidd. 8 minutes.

* Filmmaker present at screening.