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Mar 21, 2019


Saturday, March 23, 2:15pm – Crime+Punishment

The Broad Theater


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Using stunning cinematography and intimate, character-drive access, Crime + Punishment captures the story right from the beginning, as several officers meet up to talk about the New York Police Department's outlawed practices of quota-driven policing and officer retaliation -- and find themselves starting a class-action suit against the city. Using secret recordings between officers and commanders, firsthand accounts, and emotional testimony, the NYPD12 detail the explosive truth when no one else will listen. In the meantime, Manuel Gomez, an ex-cop turned private investigator, collects testimony from young minorities who have been affected by these policies and targeted by officers in the name of fighting crime. Told from the perspective of active whistleblower officers and the young men and women of color they police. Documentary, Directed by Stephen Maing.

*Post-screening discussion featuring Jee Park, Executive Director of Innocence Project New Orleans, and Greg Bright, who was exonerated after being imprisoned 27 years for a crime he did not commit.